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Minecraft Skins

14 Jun

I love Minecraft as many people do. One of my favorite things to do, oddly enough is make character skins. I thought it would be fun to share my creations with all of you. Feel free to use them but if someone compliments you on the skin, please give me credit since I’m rather proud of my work. For now, I think all my Minecraft skins will be shown here. To use a skin, just save the right hand image out of each pair.

Agrias and the 11th Doctor are two of my favorites but I think the other two are good as well. This post will be updated with more skins as I finish them.



24 Apr

An Anime and Manga Recommendation

I’m a fan of anime and manga in general but for a series to become a favorite of mine, it needs to stand out from the crowd in one way or the other. Kuragehime also known as Princess Jellyfish is one of those that quickly went from being recommended by a friend to one of my favorite series in recent memory. It is a josei series with a tone that is two parts hilarious and one part heartwarming. Kuragehime is about an all girl apartment building packed full of the most awkward nerds you’ll ever meet. They refer to themselves as the amars which is the Japanese word for nun. Each of the girls has a different obsession from trains to kimonos and each of the girls is brimming with personality. Having a show where the majority of the characters are otaku is an uncommon feature that helps Kuragehime stick out.

Though the general group of the nerdy girls is interesting, the interactions of the two main characters are what will keep you watching. The first main character you meet is Tsukimi. She is the youngest of the amars and her obsession is jellyfish. She is awkward, creative and has no self confidence. One day she meets the second main character, a trendy girl named Kuranosuke. Though normally the amars don’t talk to stylish people, Kuranosuke helps Tsukimi rescue a jellyfish from a pet store, which causes Tsukimi to be slightly more friendly towards her then she normally would be. Kuranosuke takes this opening and runs with it, refusing to leave Tsukimi or the amars alone. Kuranosuke is an impulsive, stubborn dreamer and as the amars and particularly Tsukimi warm up to her, her influence causes their reclusive existence to be turned upside down. From trying to save their beloved apartment building to having their first encounters with love, Kuranosuke’s friendship pushes them out of their comfort zone and in to the world.

Kuragehime stands out from the crowd with more then just its unusual supporting cast and interesting main characters. Despite the plot revolving around the general concept of a trendy girl befriending nerds, the main focus isn’t about her making them all “beautiful”. Sure, Kuranosuke does give them makeovers but this is mostly due to her liking to play with clothes and hoping to give the amars more confident through the usage of these clothes. These trendy clothes are portrayed and even described as armor for the amars to use in their battles on the front lines of real life. Kuranosuke doesn’t think they need to change. She thinks they are beautiful the way they are and even yells at her old friends for mocking their attire. She appreciates the amars for who they are and doesn’t think they need to become stylish which is a refreshing take on the makeover story this series seems like it is destiny to become.

On this blog, I focus on character and plot most of the time so it may come as a surprise that one of my favorite features of Kuragehime isn’t writing related but is in fact the art. Every frame of the anime and panel of the manga blows me away artistically. It is not only detailed but also very pretty. Each of the amars is drawn with personality which makes them distinct and cute despite their awkwardness. Kuranosuke is beautiful and interesting to look at due to her constantly changing hair and outfits. Tsukimi is attractive even before Kuranosuke makes her over and the jellyfishes are surprisingly elegant. On top of looking great, all of the characters have vivid and expressive faces that get their emotions across. Kuragehime is one of the best looking animes I’ve ever watched.

To begin your Kuragehime experience, I recommend that you first watch the anime then once you are frustrated and disappointed with the rushed ending of the anime, read the manga. The stuff that isn’t just portrayed completely in the anime starts on chapter 20 but if you really enjoyed the anime, rereading the events in manga form can be a fun way to relive your positive experience. I truthfully recommend this series to everyone and hope that some of you will give it a try.


16 Apr

NoBrandCon is Eau Claire’s premiere anime convention. It has everything a con needs: anime, gaming, cosplayers, a vendor room and most importantly, interesting people to meet. I have worked the con two years in the past as a volunteer and I loved it. This year I am excited and honored to have a table featuring my crafts in the Artist’s Alley. In lieu of a nicely written blog entry, I just going to post photos of the stuff I have for sale at the con.

If you happen to be in the area, swing by and say Hi!


5 Nov

A Site Recommendation

Every Monday when I wake up, I skip reading my favorite webcomics and go straight to The Escapist . There awaiting me are two new videos by LoadingReadyRun . LoadingReadyRun or LRR as they are sometimes called is one of my favorite things on the internet. They are a troupe of geeky Canadians who write, shoot and act in a variety of comedic videos. Not only are these videos hilarious but they are also creative, clever and nerdy. One of the things I love about the internet is how it allows creative people to share their projects with the world. LoadingReadyRun is an ideal example of this. They release three comedic videos as week in three different formats as well as periodically putting out some other random entertaining ones. Their main staple, LoadingReadyRun, is a collection of random sketch comedy skits. This segment has featured a wide variety of entertainment over the years from troubles with time travel to a man telling a story about making a grilled-cheese sandwich. Aside from their weekly sketch bit, they also do a mock video game news show similar to The Onion and, a Mystery Science Theater 3000k-style bit featuring video game cut-scenes

On top of all this creative hilarity, they also do a yearly charity event called Desert Bus for Hope. In this event, they play the worst game ever made, Desert Sus, until people stop paying them. In the game, Desert Bus, you drive on a straight road surrounded by no scenery from Tucson to Las Vegas in real time at a max speed of 45 mph. Upon arriving you are given one point and then the process starts over again but headed in the opposite direction. There is no way to win and the car swerves slightly to the right constantly so you can’t even tape down the gas button and leave to make the trip. If you crash, you are towed back to your starting city in real time. The LoadingReadyRun Crew put themselves through this to earn money for the charity Child’s Play. Child’s Play is a charity started by Penny Arcade which provides games and other forms on entertainment for children in hospitals. Last year, LRR collected $140,449 dollars of donation and this year, due to their ever growing fame, I predict that they will earn even more. Aside from the busing itself, another part of the Desert Bus for Hope event is the Desert Bus Craft Along. People donate homemade items which get auctioned off to earn even more money for the cause. This year, a tetris-themed lolita skirt designed and sewn by me will be a part of the auction. I’m quite proud of it and if you are a nerdy lolita or just like different clothing, you might want to give it a look. Desert Bus starts on November 19th at 6pm PST. Feel free to tune in and watch them be hilarious while they torture themselves.

The LoadingReadyRun crew are creative, funny, geeky and giving people. Their comedy comes with my highest recommendation. Below are some links to my favorite skits and series to get your started but really watch any of their work to add a dose of nerd funny to your day.

Favorite series
Rapidfire I and Rapidfire II

Favorite videos
Bad News
Split Decision
Desert Bus Killed the Internet Star
A Sacred Duty
Pull Yourself Together
How to Talk like a Pirate
Eyewitness Accounts