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Welcome to Knacc For Nerdiness

6 Apr

Home of the creative works and periodic intelligent thoughts of Kiersen.

Planned Conventions
Anime Detour
April 19th-21st
Doubletree Hotel in Bloomington, Minnesota

June 28-30th
Doubletree Hotel in Bloomington, Minnesota

Expect this list to update as The Crafty Business gets accepted to more cons.

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Knacc For Nerdiness Blog Grand Opening!

25 Oct

Welcome to my blog!  This will be my spot to write opinion articles, reviews, and discuss some of my favorite stuff.  I am a female nerd who has many hobbies: I design and sew clothing; play video and board games; enjoy anime, foreign films and musicals; write stories, read novels and create art.  This blog will focus on many of these with a heavy lean towards the nerdier of them.  I hope to post at least one blog a week, though ideas and time permitting, it may go up.  Please stop back every Thursday to see something new!